The Porsche 912E (E for Einspritzung—fuel injection) is a one-year-only (1976) model, based on the 911S of that year, with a 4 cylinder Type IV Porsche/VW engine. Sold only in the USA, Porsche produced only 2099 of these cars, before it was replaced by their newest try at an entry-level model, the front-engine 924.

The fittings were slightly simpler in this model “although in terms of materials, trim and finishing the 912E is of high Porsche quality”, decided American Road & Track magazine. Their test driver notched a 9.7 second 0-60 time, calling the “E” the prototypical road car: “comfortable where the (Turbo) Carrera is harsh, rational where the Carrera is excessive.”

Thirty nine years later, 912E owners describe the car as practical yet sporty. Simple yet sophisticated.

The 912E’s have proven their reliability, and shown themselves to be essentially bulletproof in every respect. I know of no inherent problems, other than the hassle of having to maintain an antiquated pollution control system in Sunny California.